3 Foundation Blocks On Which To Build Your Child’s House

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Your child is two, three or four. Is it too early to think about character issues? Not at all.

In fact, NOW–during the first five years–is the critical period in building your child’s moral compass.

Structural engineers are paid high salaries for the scientific, architectural, and artistic skills necessary for designing buildings, bridges and other frameworks that can safely resist the forces to which they will be subjected.

How can a parent become “structural engineers” in the designing of strong children who will be able to resist the forces to which they will be subjected?

Research has revealed over and over that the best time for foundation building is the child’s first five years of life before they enter kindergarten!

The most influential of those years being zero to two!

So, what kind of “blocks” are important during these first five years?


–knowing that you are always there for them; feeling safe


–your family’s faith; expected behavior; definitions of right & wrong


–feeling unconditional love; important part of the family; disciplined with dignity

Placing these blocks in your child’s life during these first critical years will give them a basis on which to grow and learn and become the person they were designed to be.

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