Family Routines Help Your Preschooler

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Here’s an important fact to remember:

The more secure your child is, the more he can learn!

So, what are ways we can help our children feel a deep sense of security?

FAMILY ROUTINES are one way to build security in your child’s life.

Family Routines are not just a good organizational idea, but they also build family SECURITY.

Your child’s life is moving at such a FAST pace.

They are learning at such an incredible rate that their POINT OF VIEW  is constantly CHANGING!

This is one reason children thrive on routine. Whether it is the everyday routine of juice, play, breakfast, dress or the weekly routine of going to church every Sunday or having popcorn every Saturday night.

Children LOVE routines! They know what to expect. They can prepare themselves for the occasion. They can plan and feel confident in their life.

All of these routines are telling your  child WHO THEY ARE.

All of these routines are giving your child a sense of mastery over their ever-changing lives.

So think of all the ways you can incorporate routines into your child’s life:

Daily: morning or afternoon or bedtime routines; meal routines or going to the store routines

Weekly: visit to church, library, friend’s house; grocery shopping routines or music lesson routines

Monthly: special household chore routines, visiting grandparents or helping a neighbor routines

By Season: picking pumpkins or Christmas tree routines; baking breads or cookies; taking winter walks or springtime birdwatching

All of these can be incorporated into “routines” which your child will internalize and come to recognize as PART OF HIS LIFE.

They will become special events to look forward to and special memories to forever hold.

What are your family routines?

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