Parenting is a Skill

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Have you ever considered that parenting is a skill? That parenting skills can be taught, learned and practiced just like other skills?

Think about this:

What is something that you are good at? What skill or activity do you feel completely competent in doing?

More than likely, you also really enjoy this specific skill, job or activity because you also are challenged.

Challenged enough to make you want to learn how to do it better, but not challenged sooo much that you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and want to give up.

  • Playing tennis
  • Scrapbooking
  • Your profession in accounting, healthcare or research
  • Running
  • Counseling others
  • Cooking

The list goes on. These are all jobs and activities that you are drawn to, but that you also have learned specific skills over time to improve your proficiency, which in turn, increases your enjoyment of these activities.

You feel competent. This is a good feeling: serotonin flowing; increased energy; happy.

Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed is a bad feeling: racing heart; headache; tense muscles.

If given a choice of which feeling you’d like to experience, I’m sure you’d pick the good feeling; the happy feeling.

As a parent, have you ever felt frustrated and overwhelmed? Experienced headaches and tense muscles? I know I have.

Parenting is a skill, and as such, needs to be taught, learned and practiced.

We feel frustrated when we are unsure of what to do next. Or when we’ve tried everything we know how to do.

So, PLEASE, feel encouraged that as a parent, you CAN learn new skills which will have the outcomes you so desire!

So come back to this site often and share your experiences with us!

QUESTION: What part of parenting is most frustrating to you?

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