What Can A Skyscrapter Teach You About Character Building?

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There are similar principles at work when we consider how skyscrapers are built and how your child’s character is constructed.

Character building within your child during the first 5 years will help prevent character crumbling during the teen years.

Have you ever looked up at a massive skyscraper or a very old historic building with its ornate stone carvings and felt awe in its beauty as well as the amount of skill and knowledge it took to conceive, plan and build such a structure?

Have you ever met a really nice, polite, intelligent young adult and wondered at the parenting and family background that led to such character?

Well, I have.

When my daughter was a mere two years old, I met a 15-year old boy who was helping to run a family business. He was so mature; so helpful; so articulate; so polite.

He made such an impression on me that when I got home, I immediately told my husband, “I want our daughter to be like THAT when she is 15!”

Whether constructing a mammoth edifice or building the character of your child, the method is the same:

  • specialized knowledge
  • skill
  • planning
  • execution


A deep, solid and strong foundation is necessary to support an incredibly powerful building.

  • Children need a strong and solid foundation on which to build their lives.
  • A child’s foundation is laid one block at a time.
  • What looks good on the outside does not necessarily reflect a strong foundation underneath.
  • Only time will testify to a foundation that does not shift or crumble in later years.
  • The foundation can only be created at the start of the building.
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