Definition: teach, verb–to impart knowledge or skill; give instruction.

By this definition, YOU are a teacher!

You are the FIRST teacher in your child’s life. You immediately started teaching your child as soon as you held your baby in your arms.

What were you teaching when you gazed upon your newborn? You were:

  • teaching communication through your arms, touch and your special words.
  • facilitating physical development through sensory input.
  • creating millions of neuro-pathways that will grow into permanent brain development socially, emotionally, cognitively, physically.
  • teaching your child that this is a safe place which then allows his/her brain ABLE to grow neuro-pathways.

You are teaching your toddler when you:

  • talk or sing
  • read books together
  • walk together
  • wash dishes or turn on the t.v. or do any household activity
  • eat breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • brush teeth
  • vacuum
  • put toys away
  • grocery shop
  • interact with your husband
  • are in a good mood
  • are in a bad mood
  • worry
  • laugh
  • go on walks

babyinblanket 2

When you do any of the above things, ad infinitum, you are imparting knowledge or skill to your child. That makes YOU a teacher!

What makes you think that you cannot “teach” your preschool child?

You are already doing it!

You are the first teacher for your child and you are the BEST teacher for your child!

What are some characteristics of a “good” teacher?

Look at some of the following and see if you possess any of these qualities. (And by the way, it’s okay if you fall short on some of these labels. If you had them all, then you would be perfect and there is no such teacher or parent that can be called “perfect.”)

Dedicated– Are you dedicated to your child? I’m thinking YES.

Respectful– Do you respect your child as a person? As a creation unique and special in their own right?

Good Listener-Do you respond to your child’s needs? Can you tell when the cry or whine is due to sleepiness? hunger? or boredom?

Sense of Humor-Do you laugh at yourself or the predicaments that your child gets himself into?

High Standards– Are you expecting the best for your child? Do you want your child to be successful in many facets of life?

Flexible– Have you had to switch from Mommy Mode to Wife Counselor to Disciplinarian to Expert Organizer in a manner of minutes? Then you are flexible!

The main point to realize is that YOU are the BEST teacher for your child in EACH of these categories because of your LOVE for your child. No one is as invested in your child AS YOU ARE!

What characteristics do YOU think make a “good” teacher?



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