Grocery Shopping: School?

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Taking your preschooler to the grocery store is a wonderful teaching opportunity!

Did you know that grocery shopping with your child provides more learning opportunities than attending a preschool class?


#1 – The experience is AUTHENTIC.

Grocery shopping is a real life skill. Everyone goes to the grocery store.

#2 – They are WITH YOU.

Any experience you and your child create together will be cemented in their long-term memory. Even if the particular day isn’t consciously remembered, the FEELINGS & EMOTIONS of doing something important with YOU will become a part of them.

Feeling a like a contributing member of the family builds SELF-WORTH.

#3 – The opportunity for TEACHABLE MOMENTS is greatly increased.

Sitting in a classroom setting with pre-determined lesson objectives can be quite limiting. On the other hand, interacting with REAL LIFE situations provides for immeasurable learning opportunities.

WHAT can your child learn at the grocery store?

  • COLOR – talk about all the different colors of the food that you see: red apple vs. green apple; orange pepper; yellow lemon; green celery
  • FOOD NAMES – name all the different types of food: apples, oranges, lemons, etc; + pasta, cereal, milk, juice
  • NUMBERS – point out the different numbers you see on the signs, on the boxes
  • MONEY – concept of exchanging money for items
  • ORGANIZATION – different isles for different types of food
  • CATEGORIES – milk &  dairy; meat department; produce section–and what types of food are found in each category


What “ACADEMIC” AREAS are you covering?  Here are a FEW:

LANGUAGE ARTS: Rich vocabulary building – naming all types of food and objects; describing colors & textures; discussing sizes, quantities–READING: identifying letters; small words; signs like “Exit” “Stop”

MATH: Number recognition, counting, bigger, smaller, lots, a few, money

SOCIAL STUDIES: meeting other people; identifying different jobs – cashier, butcher, baker; paying for goods;

SCIENCE: categorizing & sorting by type, color, matching, comparing; healthy foods for healthy body

As you can see, going to the grocery store for with you for 1 hour is a tremendous learning opportunity!



Can my child learn the same amount in 1 hour of a preschool class?

Can my child receive the same level of QUALITY of learning in 1 hour of a preschool class?



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