“WHAT! You’re Not Sending Your Son to Preschool?!”

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“You’re not sending your son to preschool?!”

“What about learning to read?”

“Aren’t you scared he won’t be ready for kindergarten?”

“What about socialization? How is he going to make friends?”

I have heard all of these types of remarks and more. The general population has been misinformed about preschool. The masses have now been influenced to think that preschool is necessary. But this type of thinking is incorrect!

Preschool is OPTIONAL!

I want to inform, empower and encourage you moms out there who are feeling conflicted about sending your child to preschool.

This is the time of year when parents are going to be sharing their opinions about why they chose the preschool they did:

   “My preschool  ___________

  •              makes learning fun!”
  •              teaches to the whole child!”
  •              has highly trained teachers!”
  •              stresses play and creativity!
  •              is academically challenging!”
  •              is bilingual!”
  •              emphasizes individualization!”

The list goes on. Here’s the thing:

  1. No matter how a school is marketed, they cannot teach your child anything that he is not ready to learn!
  2. Your child is going to learn everything necessary for kindergarten while he is home with YOU!
  3. There are piles and mounds and heaps of resources at your disposal to help you along the way!
  4. Your child is going to learn so many more social skills at home than he could ever possibly learn at a preschool!
  5. There are so many opportunities to encourage friendships–outside of a school– with other young children…and other moms too!

www.preschoolwhatisit.com is here for YOU! Please ask questions, share your concerns, and keep us posted about your experiences!

I want www.preschoolwhatisit.com to be full of easily accessible information to ease your worries about your CHOICE to keep your child at home.

Remember: Preschool is a CHOICE!


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