Moo Moo Brown Cow Teaches Many Preschool Skills

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Moo Moo, Brown Cow by Jakki Wood

teaches more than what a cow says.

15 Social, Emotional & Cognitive Concepts Covered in Moo Moo, Brown Cow:

1.  names of animals

2.  visual examples of animals

3.  identifying animals

4.  proper names of baby animals

5.  names of colors

6.  visual examples of colors

7.  patterns in language

8.  descriptive language

9.  conversation skills

10. repetition & prediction skills

11. Q & A

12. counting

13. number sense

14. parent/child relationships

15. poetry

Your child will be exposed to all these concept areas as they sit on your lap  or snuggle next to you!

Be prepared to read it over again as soon as you finish. Expect this to take place ad infinitum.  This is good! Repetition is when the learning occurs, makes neuro-connections, and moves skill exposure in the short-term memory over to skill acquisition in the long-term memory.

Q: Preschool: What Is It, Anyway?

A: It’s reading good books over and over again!

BONUS: Reading with the ones you love!


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