We All Have Different Resources and That’s OK

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Everyone and every family has different resources available to them. And that’s OK!

We’re not all the same and we’re not all supposed to be the same.

Resources differ in:

  • money
  • knowledge
  • time
  • family size
  • education
  • social background
  • social circles
  • geographical location
  • emotional capacities
  • creativity
  • family history
  • and the list goes on

So what does this have to do with preschool?

It means each family has something unique to offer their child.

The beauty of keeping your child at home with you during these precious years is that you can share your family’s particular gifts and interests. You can bestow upon your child exclusive knowledge on certain subjects that are meaningful to you.

Do you love walking and feeling close to nature? Do you feel passionate about cooking? Do you enjoy art and drawing? What about math and numbers? Do you feel strongly about certain beliefs? Do you want to make sure your child has a solid foundation in your faith? What about creativity and building stuff?

You have a unique opportunity during these first five years to instill in your child the love of learning; having an eye for art; an appreciation for nature; an interest in all things mechanical.

WHATEVER is important to you and your family can be passed on to your child in the most important way: THROUGH TIME WITH YOU!

Preschool: What is it, anyway?

It’s passing on unique knowledge and appreciation that only your family can provide!

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