Teaching people how to treat us is a SOCIAL skill.

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Teaching people how to treat us is a SOCIAL skill.

All SOCIAL skills rely on EMOTIONAL maturity.

EMOTIONAL maturity is a direct result of whether emotional needs are being met.

In a typical Preschool setting, social and emotional “goals” look like this (these are taken directly from various preschool settings around the country):
2-3 year-olds:

  • Play alone and in small groups some of the time and with the total group occasionally
  • Respond to praise and suggestions from others
  • Assist staff in putting away materials in proper place with supervision
  • Identify family members  (?!!!)

Cooperate most of the time

4 year-olds:

  • Take turns, shares, cooperates
  • Expresses anger verbally rather than physically
  • Can feel jealousy
  • Enjoys pretendingSo you want to ask yourself:
  • Are my child’s emotional needs being met under these program goals?

If their emotional needs are not being met, then what is my child learning about themselves or others?

Is my child learning:

  • that they are unique and special?
  • that their needs are important and therefore they matter in this world?

or is my child learning:

  • that to gain attention, they need to be louder than everyone else?
  • that to get what they want, they need to take if first so others don’t get it?Consider if these are the outcomes that you want for your child?

    …or do you want something more?

    Preschool: What is it, anyway?

    It’s deciding WHICH social goals you’d like to see your child attain.

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