Foundational Block: Family Security

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Family Security

is a critical foundational block in your child’s life.
taken care of

AND….. able to take each of these for granted.

HOW do you achieve this feeling?

By being there time after time after time after time after time….ad infinitum.

ONLY money

ONLY excellent daycare

ONLY TIME can lay the foundational block called:

Family Security.

Think about the hundreds of activities and social exchanges that a toddler or preschool-age child experiences in a 24 hour period:

  • waking up
  • looking for favorite toy
  • changing clothes
  • eating
  • bumping nose on door by accident
  • being upset over being told can’t have another cookie
  • hitting his sister because he is upset because he can’t have another cookie
  • consequences for hitting his sister
  • If you areTHERE–actually PRESENT–for each and every one of these exchanges, your child will come to take your presence for granted. This is a GOOD THING! It means your child feels secure in his or her world, intuitively knowing that you are a constant in his or her life.

    Your child doesn’t realize that this consistency is satisfying his or her basic human needs. The needs for food, shelter, and CARE–which allows his or her mind and senses to open up to be free to take in all the new stimuli and information which in turn, creates more brain growth.

    Basically, the more secure your child is, the more he or she is able to learn!

    So, when thinking about how your child will spend his or her days, remember:

     A child CANNOT learn when they feel emotionally insecure.


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