Learning with All 5 Senses

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Children learn using ALL 5 of their senses!

  1. sight
  2. hearing
  3. smell
  4. touch
  5. taste


You OBSERVE:  Child repeatedly banging cup on  table.

You THINK:  “Loud! Stop it already!”


Behind the scenes, what is actually happening is that the CHILD is using her…

SIGHT—-to  observe what happens to the cup; observe what happens to the table; observes what happens to you

HEARING—-to  listen to what kind of noise it makes; to listen to different patterns; to listen to different tones; to listen to changes in you

SMELL—-to incorporate all the various smells of the meal; of  the home;  these smells and memories will be woven into her brain to create an overall cognitive picture/feeling embedded into her short-term and then long-term memory

TOUCH—-to input tactile sensations into definition of cup and table; scientific exploration of cause & effect; kinesthetic patterns imbedded into memory

TASTE—-to build working definitions of plastic — does it “match” the smell? is it pleasant? is it edible? does the taste change after banging?

As you can see, it is all very scientific! Check out how what part of the brain processes all 5 of the senses here!

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