The Author

Hi! I’m Margaret!


I have “very strong” opinions about education, children, and families.

I feel passionate about empowering parents with the truth about the “preschool” myth.

How did I become so enthusiastic about this topic?

A very brief explanation would include:

  • a love for education and children

which has led me to:

  • a dual Master’s degree in Special Education, specializing in
  • Emotional Disturbance & Learning Disabilities, which led me to:
  • teaching in private and public schools, which led me to:
  • homeschooling

All of the Above culminated in me witnessing for myself the vast differences between children who attend—or have attended—preschool and children who stay—or have stayed—at home during their first five formative years.  The preschool-attender may be “on track” developmentally, but the child at home has a much larger vocabulary and a much, much richer imagination (both are cognitive abilities.) The child at home is much more mature emotionally AND more adept socially. I could go on and on—which I do! on this site!

That’s why I started this website. Because I am really angry with the fact that parents are being misinformed!


In my former life (pre-marriage & kids), I worked with, coached, trained, and advocated for adults with significant cognitive and physical impairments to succeed in gainful employment.

My family and I are called to minister to children in need which has led us to being a…..foster family to 12 very special children!

…uh, but not all at the same time!  (I’d love to talk about that at some point….maybe a separate page or even separate blog?…..)




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