Emotional SECURITY


Family Security is a critical foundational block in your child’s life. TO FEEL SECURE  means TO FEEL: safe protected taken care of AND….. able to take each of these for granted. HOW do you achieve this feeling? By being there time after time after time after time after time….ad infinitum. ONLY money ONLY excellent daycare ONLY TIME can […]



Here’s an important fact to remember: The more secure your child is, the more he can learn! So, what are ways we can help our children feel a deep sense of security? FAMILY ROUTINES are one way to build security in your child’s life. Family Routines are not just a good organizational idea, but they […]



An important block in building a strong foundation for your child is the block called: Family Security. In the last post, we talked about the fact that in order for your child to feel secure, he or she must experience your “being there” many times over, so that your child takes your constant presence for […]


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